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August 2016

Simple Steps For a Smooth Bikini

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Get the most out of waxing!


The key to havingsamantha wax pic continuous smoothness is consistency and for bikini waxing, 4 weeks is the sweet spot! It typically takes 2-3 appointments spaced 4 weeks apart to reach the optimal level of smoothness between services. By staying consistent, we are grouping the many different hair growth cycles together caused by shaving or irregular waxing. Plus, by regularly removing the hair by the root, we are damaging the blood supply leading to less overall growth and reducing discomfort.


What should I do between appointments?

Leave the hair alone! I know there may be a few hairs that pop up the first few days after your appointment, but resist the urge to tweeze them. If every month you tweeze hairs 7 days after your wax, you’re training those hairs to always grow in that cycle resulting in constant stubble, yuck! By letting them be, we will pick them up on your next appointment allowing them to join in and always grow n’sync (had too!) with that cycle. Shaving is also a no no.. it adds to the disruption of growth!no razor


What if I’m unsure whether there is enough growth 4 weeks after my last wax?

There is, especially in the beginning of waxing it’s all about consistency and remember, in the first 2-3 appointments we are training those hairs!


This is the incentive behind WAXOLOGY’s Monthly Brazilian wax $10.00 discount. By sticking to a regular wax schedule of 4 weeks, we will notice there is less overall growth, longer smoothness between visits, and experience a much more comfortable wax. Not only is it easier for you, but it’s easier for your waxer as I’m able to use less product and get you on with your day faster.. Who doesn’t want that!Smooth Bikini