Meet Langley’s Wax Expert’s

Sandra, Owner & Waxologist

 I have been a wax client for many years… You name it, I’ve been there or tried it! Yes, even nail salons and home wax kits, which I truly disliked. Realizing my interest in the skincare industry at a young age, I set off to the mecca of all things beauty: Los Angeles, California. This is where I discovered that I had a serious passion for hair removal; I learned techniques, why our hair does what it does, and what is effective.
After 10 years of honing my skills in the big city, I decided it was time to take the plunge and reconnect with my roots in the Fraser Valley. Upon arriving, one thing became immediately certain: there is a serious shortage of exceptional, sanitary waxers. This is why I opened WAXOLOGY, which exists only to give you the best in waxing experiences. My goal is for each person to leave feeling sexy and confident in their skin, knowing they’ve found their “Wax Spot”!

Vicki, Waxologist

Since I was young, I have always loved all things beauty which started when my mom treated me to my first manicure. Now, many years later, I still love getting a good manicure! Beginning in the industry in 2009, I have worked in spas performing a multitude of services, ultimately finding my love in waxing. My favourite part is making my clients feel great about themselves; whether we are shaping your brows, removing unwanted leg hair or getting you bikini ready. When I am not at Waxology, you can usually find me hanging out at home with my two little fur babies, or off to the spa getting a much needed mani/pedi. I look forward to meeting you and getting our smooth on!

About Waxing

When it comes to hair removal, there are endless solutions. At WAXOLOGY, we believe different hair requires different wax. For most people, they think of soft or strip wax which uses its stickiness to remove hair, but there is another technique called hard waxing. This amazing wax actually dries on the surface of the skin, creating a “shrink wrapping” effect to completely remove thick, coarse hair. However, because it is not sticky, it avoids adhering to the delicate outer layer of skin.

This method offers a painless approach and is ideal for areas such as Brazilian bikini, under arms, areas of the face and men’s chests. Soft wax is beneficial in places with finer hair such as eyebrows, arms, legs and men’s backs. WAXOLOGY uses only the highest quality in hypoallergenic waxes, expert techniques, and never ‘Double Dips’ to ensure healthy glowing skin after every service.