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3 Top Tips for Pre and Post Waxing

By April 8, 2016Waxing

3 Top Tips for Pre and Post Waxing


Whether you’re new to waxing, dabbled here and there before vacation’s or a seasoned professional we are always looking for helpful tips to get the most out of our waxing experiences and reduce the “ouch” factor.

Preparing for your wax appointment:

First, LET YOUR HAIR GROW! I know it’s tough after shaving daily to start seeing that stubble, but in order for you to have a smooth result hair must be a minimum of a quarter inch in length. This is approximately 2 weeks from your last shave however, longer is always better!

Second, exfoliate 24 hours before your service as this will slough off any dead skin cells and loosen trapped hairs. This will also become a very important part of your daily regimen in preventing ingrowns between services.

Third, pop an Advil 30 – ­45 minutes before your appointment. It will help to dull your pain receptors and act as an anti-­inflammatory.

After your appointment:

Your waxed…. Now what?!? The first 24 hours after hair removal are the most important as the hair follicle can remain open for this time, meaning it’s susceptible to bacteria caused breakouts and irritations. You will also see redness and even little bumps, this is normal and will subside.

First, keep the area’s clean and dry unless applying aloe or a triple­antibiotic such as Aquaphor, heavy oils and lotions can clog pores.

Second, I know the area will be smooth but our fingers carry bacteria and touching our skin can lead to breakouts, especially if you’ve just had your lip waxed. Avoid working out or activities that lead to sweating as this can trap more bacteria in our pores creating white bumps. No stagnant water such as pools, hot tubs or baths. These have irritating chlorines and may be dirty. Do not expose waxed areas to tanning beds or sun, this will make you more sensitive to burning or irritation.

Third, although exfoliation is a key aspect in avoiding ingrown hairs, it can also irritate freshly waxed skin so please avoid for the first 24­ – 48 hours. After this point, using a scrubby mitt daily with a foaming body wash or gel will gently slough away dead skin cells and oil blockages that may prevent your soft new hair from properly growing out of the skin. Applying a AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) based serum a 2­4 times a week will also aid in killing bacteria and dissolving dead skin cells to reveal fresh healthy skin.

Waxing does not have to be so scary when equipped with the right tools to get the most from our service. Always research your local salons to find the one you feel most comfortable with and ask questions. A final tip is Estheticians should NEVER `double dip` there used wax sticks back into the pot as this is another key factor in spreading bacteria.


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