Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does the hair need to be?

In order to achieve the best smoothness, hair needs to be a minimum of 1/4 inch in length. This is 2 weeks from your last shave. We know it’s hard to grow, but longer is always better and no trimming necessary!

What should I do to prepare for my wax at WAXOLOGY?

Wear breathable clothes to your appointment, constricting jeans may add irritation and allow bacteria to build due to less air flow. Pop an Ibuprofen 30 – 45 minutes before your wax, this helps to dull our pain receptions and is anti-inflammatory (as long as your doctor is OK with you taking it, of course!). Avoid caffeine and alcohol the day of, this amps up our nerves. Also avoid heavy oils and lotions before waxing, especially on the legs and arms. This can create a barrier between hair and wax, making for a less effective service.

Do I have to be naked for my Brazilian/Bikini wax?

No, not completely. But we will need you to undress from the waist down, including your underwear. We know it’s a little unnerving for you, but trust us; we do these ALL day long. For us, it’s all just skin and hair. So, please, don’t feel embarrassed. We’ll do our best to put you completely at ease!

Does waxing cause ingrown hairs?

Possibly. Some people get ingrown hairs no matter what type of depilation they choose. Exfoliating 2-5x per week with a scrubby glove and using an ingrown eliminator that contains a combination of AHAs and BHAs, such as the amazing Serious Serum, can help this. It’s one of our favourites! We are always happy to go over proper aftercare and different exfoliation options to ensure the right steps are taken for your unique skin, so please do not hesitate to ask us anything!

Why should I book my appointment at WAXOLOGY vs nail salons?

So MANY reasons! First off, we never double dip wax sticks or use “wax rollers”, imagine how many people and different body parts that’s been rolled over, YUCK! Every client will fill out a skin consultation form to ensure a full understanding of your skin type and products you are using that may be a contraindication to waxing services. At nail salons, waxing is just an add-on service they offer, not something they are particularly trained in or passionate about. Your skin is with you for life, take care of it!

What can I expect after my service?

You will see pinkness after your wax, this is totally normal and typically subsides 30 mins to a few hours after. Avoid any scrubs or irritants afterwards such as tanning beds, pools/hot tubs and sweaty gyms. If you are planning waxing around a vacation or for brides, we recommend booking your first appointment at least a month in advance to see how your skin reacts, if everything is fine, then schedule for 2 – 5 days before your special occasion or trip.

How often do I need to wax?

For body waxing, it is recommend to book every 4 weeks for optimal results. For face, a minimum of 2 weeks in between services is needed to be able to pick up the hair. With any waxing service, you want to be consistent in order to group hair growth cycles together for longer smoothness. With each wax, you’ll see your hair becoming softer and thinner over time.

What should I do in between my appointments?Waxology I Choose Fabulous

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate! With regular waxing, we are damaging the hair follicle which produces a softer, finer hair. If we are not sloughing off dead skin cells and removing oil blockages, that new hair cannot properly grow out of the skin, which is what leads to ingrown hairs. We recommend using an exfoliating glove at least 2-5 times a week in the shower with your favourite body wash.

I started my period, should I cancel?!

No! Waxing with a tampon is completely safe and it’s no issue at all. We will work around the string. It happens all the time… Really! No need to be embarrassed.

Should I tweeze or shave in between appointments?

No, put the razor and tweezers down! This disrupts the hair growth cycles, if we tweeze random hairs throughout the month, we will always have random hairs growing. When we wax consistently, we are training our hairs to grow together. Typically, it takes 2 – 3 waxes, spaced 4 weeks apart, to sync everything up and get you the best smoothness. So be patient, it’s worth it!

I’m not sure which services I’m looking to have done at WAXOLOGY.

Always feel free to ask questions when booking your appointment, we’re happy to give a full explanation of what each service entails to ensure you are having the correct wax and that there is enough time booked for your appointment.

I’m super nervous, can I bring my friend/partner/spouse along to my appointment?

At WAXOLOGY, the policy is to allow only the person receiving waxing services in to the treatment room. This allows the best and most professional service to be provided. Plus, we’ll have lots of great info and aftercare to chat about to keep you distracted!

Is it really important that I’m on time to my appointment?

Yes, WAXOLOGY is an appointment-only salon that values your time and makes every effort to ensure enough space is booked for each client’s needs. If you feel you will be more then 5 minutes late, please call or text ahead, as you may need to be rescheduled. We know this may seem rigid, however, if we start late for your appointment we will most likely be late for the next appointment and the one after that.. and, well, you get the idea.

Am I able to bring my child to the appointment at WAXOLOGY?

This is most certainly a personal decision. If you have a child that may be able to sit and entertain themselves, or a baby that can remain comfortable in their car seat, then, of course. However, the goal at WAXOLOGY is to provide you and all of the salons guests, with an amazing experience. Although we all love the kiddo’s, sometimes an inquisitive child can get in the way of the perfect brow wax or super smooth Brazilian.