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Should I tweeze or shave between wax appointments?

By May 4, 2016Waxing

Should I tweeze or shave in between appointments?

Put the razor and tweezers down!

No, put the razor and tweezers down! This disrupts the hair growth cycles, if we tweeze random hairs or shave throughout the month, we will always have random hairs growing. The goal with waxing is to group hair growth cycles together creating longer-lasting smoothness between appointments. This is why I recommend booking every 4 weeks, 6 at longest. Avoid shaving or tweezing between appointments.

On your first wax sesh- I will remove everything that is long enough on the surface of the skin. However, this is not all the hair that you have in that area. Due to the natural shedding process (just the like the hair on your head, the body hair sheds too!) there is hair growing and developing under the skin. You then wait 4 weeks for the second appointment and wax again. Avoid shaving or tweezing between appointments.



We only use the highest-quality, hypoallergenic waxes.

After your first appointment- you will notice hairs poking out a few days later, this is the hair that was still developing in the follicle, not broken or missed hair. It’s important to avoid tweezing these, say 7 days after your wax you tweeze just a few hairs.. What you are then doing is teaching those hairs to always grow out of the skin 7 days after all the others that were waxed causing perma-subble! Rather if you leave all the hairs alone, in 4 weeks on your second appointments they will then be long enough to be remover at the same time teaching them to regrow together.

When we wax consistently- we are training our hairs to grow together reducing the amount of hair cycles. Typically this take’s 2 – 3 waxes spaced 4 weeks apart to sync everything up and get you the best smoothness.

So be patient, it’s worth it!

Written by Sandra W., Langley and Surrey’s Wax Specialist